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Jason Fife

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Use Google Event Tracking to Measure Ivy.ai Chatbot Interactions

Feb 19, 2020 5:32:01 PM / by Jason Fife

Chatbots from Ivy.ai provide a wealth of information related to interactions with students. From understanding peak usage times to identifying the most common topics discussed, administrators receive automatic reports that highlight useful information. Now, chatbot administrators can analyze their users' interactions with their chatbots using Event Tracking from Google Analytics.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Information with Brain Scan from Ivy.ai

Feb 10, 2020 2:36:23 PM / by Jason Fife

Updating Outdated Information with Ivy.ai's Brain Scan

We’ve all been there. You went straight to the source for the answer to your question, however, upon finding it you learned that it was outdated. From past deadlines to broken links, outdated information is rarely helpful. For those that have invested in Artificially Intelligent Chatbot technology, it can be particularly frustrating to see their chatbot return unhelpful information to users. With Ivy.ai’s Brain Scan tool, you can say goodbye to outdated information once and for all.

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