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Kelley Shea

Recent Posts

New PeopleSoft Integration Provides Secure Access to Student Information

Feb 8, 2021 1:06:52 PM / by Kelley Shea

Ivy.ai is excited to announce a new integration with PeopleSoft that allows students to access personalized information using their school’s authentication method.

New Data Masking Feature Minimizes Risk

Jan 27, 2021 7:26:38 PM / by Kelley Shea

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S., with 33% of adults reporting that they’ve been victims at some point in their lives. As our businesses, livelihood, and now our education systems increasingly depend on electronic data to perform daily operations, larger amounts of personally identifiable information (PII) are being entered and stored online. This can put companies and individuals at risk for identity theft.

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