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Get to Know Ivy.ai's Newest Feature: Email Center

Apr 9, 2021 12:07:35 PM / by Kelley Shea

Ivy.ai’s Email Center™ allows users to manage and respond to inbound emails with assistance from their chatbot. Our powerful email management solution reduces your staff's burden of coordinating and responding to emails, while streamlining overall communication efforts.

Watch the Tutorial and Recorded Webinar

Click the image below to watch a short video tutorial about Email Center.

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 3.31.32 PM

For a more in-depth look at Email Center, watch our recorded webinar.
How to Access Email Center

To access Email Center, navigate to the left side of the Admin System and select Message Center > Email Center. From here, users that have the Email Center permission configured in Settings > Channels can manage and reply to incoming emails sent via chatbot. But that's not all Email Center can do.

Configure AI Auto Response

Not only can you manually reply to emails in Email Center, your chatbot can be configured to auto respond to emails. The auto response feature operates based on confidence levels.

  • High confidence: If a student sends an email with a question such as "What is the priority deadline to apply for freshmen admission?", and the chatbot identifies a high confidence response such as "The priority deadline to apply for freshmen admission is November 1," a reply will be generated and sent. Administrators can view all bot-sent replies in one place.
  • No or low confidence: In all other cases, the email will be sent directly to your team's inbox to review. From there, your bot can still provide assistance by recommending responses that your team can easily insert into replies.

You'll also have the ability to route emails to subject matter experts on your team for resolution.

View Email Analytics

Email Center provides real-time reporting for insightful data such as agent performance and peak volume times.

Note that reports will not populate until Email Center is configured, which will trigger data collection.

Manage Multiple Inboxes
Users will have the option to add multiple email addresses. Within the Email Center, users can select from a dropdown of their configured inboxes.

Create Templates

Users can also create and insert templates to streamline email management.

Please visit the Help Center within the Ivy.ai Admin System if you questions regarding the above changes or to submit a service ticket.


Kelley Shea

Written by Kelley Shea

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