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Meet #CampusClear, Free Self-Screen App for Colleges and Universities

Jun 8, 2020 12:56:48 PM / by Jason Fife

Ivy.ai announces free app to help colleges and universities return to campus

On Thursday, Ivy.ai announced #CampusClear, a free self-screen app designed to help colleges and universities return to campus safely in the fall. The app, which prompts all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to complete a once-daily single-question survey, provides users with a FastPass for accessing campus, and returns real-time insights to campus administrators.

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How It Works

The app itself is rather simple. Schools that use the app require that all students, faculty, staff, and visitors download the app and authenticate using their .edu email addresses. Each day, all users must self-report their symptoms, answering a single question: "How are you feeling?" Users can select all of the options that apply. The question and all responses can be configured by each institution to customize when a FastPass is granted. For selected responses that do not meet campus requirements, the user receives instructions to self-quarantine, or in some cases, to contact Student Health.

The concept is based on recent health sciences research which leveraged a self-reporting tool to identify over 500 symptomatic employees that otherwise might have reported to work, potentially putting others at risk. According to Atul Gawande MD, MPH, a surgeon, writer, and public health researcher, there are five critical elements of resuming operations for large populations: hygiene measures, screening, distancing, masks, and culture change. #CampusClear helps schools with screening and with cultural adoption.

Contact Tracing

Another benefit of #CampusClear is that it supports contact tracing. By connecting data from student information systems, schools can measure symptomatic reports relative to housing assignment, classrooms, and work schedules. The app includes a web-based dashboard for administrators which provides secure access to this information. Administrators can be proactive to notify individuals who may have come into contact with the virus, as well as monitor conditions across campus to inform their decisions about ongoing operations.

Ivy.ai is dedicated to protecting anonymity and privacy. Only authorized administrators have access to protected data and information. All self-reported data is encrypted and tokenized, meaning that reported data is displayed with a unique token, as opposed to displaying any personally identifiable information. When there is no longer a use for this application, all report data will be purged from Ivy.ai's systems forever. Please remember that all self-screening applications are educational, not diagnostic.

Why We Created #CampusClear

Like many of our tech developments, #CampusClear emerged from a conversation with one of our partner schools. Creighton University formed a Committee to support a safe and healthy return to campus in the fall. One of their requirements was that they needed all students and staff to self-monitor and report their symptoms. With a limited number of faculty and staff relative to the total student population, they needed an automated solution to scale their effort. Creighton turned to Ivy.ai and we were thrilled to help. We designed #CampusClear with their input, aimed at capturing the needs of all colleges and universities facing this challenge.

In times of need, we all pull together for the greater good. At Ivy.ai, we have the ability to develop technology that makes returning to campus safely a possibility. At the end of the day, we want to help, so we're grateful to be in a position to do that.

Get #CampusClear 

To sign-up and to learn more, schools can visit www.campusclear.com and request early access. Currently, the App Store is restricting the publication of Covid-19 related apps to Hospitals and Government Agencies only. We're working as quickly as possible to expedite the availability of #CampusClear on the App Store and on the Google Play store. Schools that sign-up now will be notified first when the app is available.

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Jason Fife

Written by Jason Fife

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