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Ivy.ai partners with Los Angeles Pierce College

Jun 11, 2019 5:05:38 PM / by Mark McNasby

Ivy.ai Partners with Los Angeles Pierce College to Modernize Outreach and Student Services with an Artificially Intelligent Conversational Agent


Chatbot provider, Ivy.ai, to build and maintain AI-powered chatbots for the Offices of Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, and High School Outreach and Recruitment.


DURHAM, NC, June 12, 2019 -- In a new partnership with Ivy.ai, a higher education chatbot provider, L.A. Pierce College will implement an artificially intelligent conversational agent to drive several key strategic initiatives.

“We believe that the Ivy chatbot offers Pierce a unique opportunity to drive enrollment and increase retention while simultaneously decreasing costs,” said Dr. Earic Dixon-Peters, Vice President of Student Services.  “The ability to have meaningful, personalized conversations, at-scale, 24-hours a day will improve our ability to serve our students and drive successful outcomes.”

L.A. Pierce College aims to build on their growing influence and reputation as an innovator with its early adoption of AI-powered student communication technology. Dr. Dixon-Peters stated, “Our Ivy chatbot will answer questions typically fielded by a variety of business units, in a convenient conversational format over multiple communication channels. We aim to reduce the campus runaround problems that students encounter as they navigate the enrollment process.”

Ivy.ai will collaborate with Pierce College to train the chatbot to optimize recruitment, enrollment, and retention metrics. The Ivy chatbot will facilitate the transition to Pierce by simplifying the application and financial aid process and provide a 24-hour resource for the most at-risk students. 

“College and financial aid applications can be complex and difficult to navigate, especially for first generation students,” said Mark McNasby, CEO of Ivy.ai. “Partnering with Pierce offers us an opportunity to make a significant, near-term impact on these students’ lives.  We are excited to be a part of Pierce’s strategic initiatives.”

McNasby continued, “By leveraging natural processing and supervised machine learning, our chatbot is able to understand nuanced student questions and connect students to the answers they need in a fraction of a second.”  Eliminating structural and informational barriers is key to Pierce’s strategy.

Los Angeles Pierce College is the second-largest campus in the Los Angeles Community College District, the nation’s largest community college district. Pierce has the highest acceptance rate to UCLA among the 114 community colleges in the state of California.

As the first college in the district to employ an AI solution, Dr. Dixon-Peters hopes to lead their district by partnering with Ivy to build an ecosystem of virtual assistants, supporting students on their journey.


About Los Angeles Pierce College

Los Angeles Pierce College is recognized as one of the most respected community colleges and transfer institutions in California. Located on 426 acres in the western San Fernando Valley, the College’s comprehensive curriculum and support services enable its 21,000 students to earn associate degrees and certificates, prepare for university transfer, and gain career education proficiency. Pierce is one of nine colleges of the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), the nation’s largest community college district, with an annual enrollment of nearly a quarter million.


About Ivy.ai

With over 70 university partners, Ivy.ai is the leading provider of AI-powered chatbots in higher education. Campuses around the world use Ivy to make information more accessible to students, supporting their journey from applicant to alumnus.  Ivy is located in Research Triangle Park, NC. 



Mark McNasby

Written by Mark McNasby

Mark McNasby is CEO of Ivy.ai.

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